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The first personal Pagani Huayra arrived in Miami

12/08/2015 13:57:49
The first personal Pagani Huayra arrived in Miami
The first official Pagani dealership in the U.S. was inaugurated last month by Brett David, Prestige Imports' owner.

Pagani beautiful supercars are produced in a staggering low number and even the wealthiest of auto enthusiasts will be hard pressed to get their hands on. But any public appearance of new Pagani cars is always an outstanding event. 

Pagani Huayra

Not so long ago an official Pagani dealership was opened in Miami by Brett David, Prestige Imports' owner. Under the guise of being interested in purchasing a car, Brett travelled to Pagani’s headquarters in Italy and toured the facility. He eventually got to talking with Pagani about who the official dealer in Florida was and in an ironic turn of events was told that he had promised Irv David, his father, the title.

exclusive Pagani

Brett’s own personal Huayra, titled Project Vulcan, is the culmination of that short story. The car, which was first ordered two years ago when Pagani Miami was opened, was delivered late last month. It has several unique features such as exposed carbon fiber bodywork, a red leather interior with matching red exterior accents, however the most important of all is a center-mounted plaque dedicated to Brett’s father Irv.


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